just think about it…

I have recently become a member of our small business community and as a lifelong resident have often uttered the words “but there’s nothing in Trail”. I now have come to understand part of the issue and hope that you might take a moment to think it through with me. When we make the decision to go to another city (e.g. Nelson, Kelowna, Spokane) we are making a big difference in the lives of our small businesses. Yes, all those cities have more selection and cheaper prices, but there are reasons for that. Just like Wal-Mart can afford to have such low prices, it’s because they have the consumers and options that small businesses and small towns do not have. We need to support our small businesses, even if it means paying a few extra dollars once in a while so that we don’t lose what we do have. The more we support, the more businesses can afford to expand their selections, offer discounts and expand to other areas as well. When we support our local businesses they can also afford to give back more to the community. We cannot attract new businesses or bring in new things to our community if no one will support them. I have heard from many other business owners that they don’t hold the events they used to or order other products in anymore because it’s not worth their time and money; again because no one supports them. I have 2 children, have been a single mother, and was raised in a family of 5 children, I understand the need to watch your pennies and get the best deal, and I feel giddy when I get a great deal. But I also have seen the gratitude on a business owners face when you give them your patronage or heard business owners’ thank you for buying from them. It’s in a small community that you can put something on hold until payday, or because you forgot your wallet, or where a store might stay open so you can drop by on your way home from work, it’s the community that cares about their customers and are willing to give you the service you won’t get in another city or country.  In order for things to change and grow, it takes effort, and in a community it all comes full circle, that means everyone needs to be a part of it. On behalf of our community , our businesses, our clients, our consumers, our visitors, our city, let’s do our best in trying to remember all those small shops and services that we have right here. The next time you need a gift for a friend, why not go take a peek at that gift shop you haven’t been to in a while, next time you see an event advertised why not get some friends and go support it, and next time you think there’s nothing new or exciting around town, take a walk and see if maybe you might be wrong.


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